Organic Certified Products

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Discover the world's largest range of certified organic inputs.

The substantial NTS Certified Organic product range aims to provide certified growers with a diverse array of solutions. This includes everything from chelated minerals to humates, fish, kelp, amino acids, and composted fertilisers, all supporting an impressive range of microbial problem solvers.

There is no longer any reason to accept reduced yields when embracing organics. It's simply a different journey towards agricultural success. We are dedicated to providing the tools you need to make this path as smooth as possible.

Organic Certified Products

Liquid Fertilisers
Aloe-Tech™ Amino-Max™
Boron Essentials™ (Restricted)
Cloak™ Spray Oil
Copper Essentials™ (Restricted)
Farm Saver® Liquid Kelp
Iron Essentials™ (Restricted)
Manganese Essentials™ (Restricted)
Nutri-Sea Liquid Fish™
Nutri-Stim Saponins™
SeaChange KFF™
SeaChange Liquid Kelp™
Potassium Silicate
Tsunami Super Spreader™
Zinc Essentials™ (Restricted)
CalMag-Life Organic™ (Restricted) Dia-Life Organic™
Gyp-Life Organic™ (Restricted) Lime-Life Organic™ (Restricted)
Mag-Life Organic™ (Restricted)
Phos-Life Organic™
NTS Fast Fulvic™
NTS Fulvic Acid Powder™
NTS Soluble Humate Granules™
NTS Liquid Humus™
NTS Super Soluble Humates™
NTS Stabilised Boron Granules™
Dry Mineral Fertilisers
Life Force® Gold™ Pellets NTS Soft Rock™
Nutri-Gyp™ Natural Gypsum


Nutri-Phos Super Active™


Fly Bye™ Path-X™ (Restricted)
Microbial Products
Dominate-F™ Nutri-Life B.Sub™
Nutri-Life BAM™ Nutri-Life Bio-N™
Nutri-Life Bio-P™ Nutri-Life Bio-Plex™
Nutri-Life Micro-Force™ Nutri-Life Myco-Force™
Nutri-Life Platform® Nutri-Life Root-Guard™
Nutri-Life Tricho-Shield™
Animal Health
Horse Saver™ SeaChange Stock Booster™ (Liquid)
Pet Saver™
Stock Saver Vet™

ACO accredited