NTS Stabilised Boron Granules™

A photograph of NTS Stabilised Boron Granules in a 25 kg sack on white background
NTS Stabilised Boron Granules™

NTS Stabilised Boron Granules™

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Humic acid complexed boron for sustained release of this highly leachable nutrient. 

Boron as B2O3 has been fused with humates and is presented as a 2 – 4 mm granule for easier application. Boron is the most unstable of the trace elements and is easily leached from the soil (particularly in low humus soils). Humic acid can fuse with boron in the root zone for the full crop cycle.

Key Performance

  • Boron plays a critical role during the pollination stage of the reproduction process and the presence or lack of this element at this time can dramatically influence yield.
  • 2 - 4 mm granule for easy mixing with granular fertilizer.

Growth Stage 

  • Pre-plant
  • Planting
  • Vegetative Growth
  • Pre-flower, Flowering, Fruit Set & Fill

Typical Analysis W/W (DRY BASIS)

Humic Acids 57.2%
Boron 3.23%
Particle Size 2 - 4 mm


Application Rates

Application Rate
Soil Broadcast
10 - 30 kg per hectare
Planting Blends
Include at 5 –10% of fertiliser rate. i.e., 5 – 10 kg of NTS Stabilised Boron Granules™ with every 100 kg of granular fertiliser. Do not exceed 15 kg/ha banded or 30 kg/ha broadcast.


Follow instructions on packaging

Read safety directions before use.

Please contact us for more information.

ACO RESTRICTED PRODUCT This product contains boron. Use is allowed only for a documented or observed need with a plan to avoid boron imbalances. Use outside this context is not compliant with ACO standards.

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Any recommendations provided by Nutri-Tech Solutions Pty Ltd (NTS)
or its Distributors are advice only. As no control can be exercised over storage, handling, mixing, application or use, or weather, plant or soil conditions before, during or after application (all of which may affect the performance of our program), no responsibility for, or liability for any failure in performance, losses, damages, or injuries (consequential or otherwise), arising from such storage, mixing, application, or use will be accepted under any circumstances whatsoever. NTS recommend you contact an Agronomist prior to product application. The Buyer assumes all responsibility for the use of any NTS products.

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