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Comments from Previous Attendees

“Graeme this has been the most inspirational week of my life. You are so unbelievably knowledgeable and we are so fortunate to come here to share it all. Your whole team has been so very helpful and I would like to thank you all so much.”


“It was the most beneficial, fantastic setting and the information, food, atmosphere was brilliant. I will definitely recommend this course to other growers, people I know. It was truly enlightening. Looking forward to putting all I have learned to practice – watch this space grow.”

Malcolm Leadbetter

“This has been such a positive week. It has reaffirmed many of my thoughts about how we should farm. This was an amazing and inspiring week. Thank you.”

Dale Creed

“Great work guys. Such informative and passionate presentations. It was thoroughly enjoyable and inspiring throughout. This has changed my views on so many aspects of how I approach both agriculture and my own health.”

Casey White

“Graeme – I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for the knowledge, energy and power you have so graciously and unselfishly passed on to all of us.”

Jason Reimers

“This course took my disjointed understanding of concepts of plant theory and biological farming and gave me a new understanding and excitement.”

Ian Lindsay

“A brilliant relevant course that everyone should attend to take control of their health and livelihood.”

Clayton Farmer

“Thanks Graeme, I really appreciate the message that you are passionately putting out there. Let us work together for a better future, the only way forward!”

Marco Bazzanella

“Enjoyed the team's relaxed attitude and Graeme's humour and energy. Graeme's anecdotes are just as valuable as the course content – don't stop.”

Roger Martyn

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The Certificate in Nutrition Farming® involves a 300-page manual and five online exams covering Mineral Management, Microbe Management, Plant Management, Pest Management and Human Health Management.