Soil & Plant Therapy™

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What is Soil Therapy™?

Here's what you'll find in your Soil Therapy™ manual:

  1. Unlocking Soil Potential: We help you understand your soil's nutrient levels in comparison to ideal standards. This process is simplified to ensure you can easily comprehend it and take necessary steps.

  2. The Growth Equation: Key nutrient ratios play a significant role in unlocking your soil's potential. Knowledge about these ratios can serve as a cornerstone for your agricultural success.

  3. Mastering Nutrient Management: It's crucial to know and manage nutrient excesses and deficits in your soil. We'll identify these areas and provide you with practical solutions to manage them effectively, eliminating the need for guesswork.

  4. Customised Fertility Score: We offer a unique one to five-star rating system for your soil's fertility. This personalised score helps you track progress and make informed decisions about your soil management.

  5. Decoding Base Saturation Values: Our detailed base saturation values help you understand the dispersion of essential nutrients in your soil. This tool is crucial in achieving and maintaining optimum soil health.

  6. Your Tailored Soil Treatment Plan: Our service goes beyond just soil analysis. We provide a complete treatment program specifically designed for your soil's needs, preparing you to take action and observe substantial improvements.

90% of growers who use Soil Therapy™ consistently return year after year. The combination of soil balancing and biological activation produces significant results.

What is Plant Therapy™?

Soil & Plant Therapy™ – Is it Right for You?

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