Brewstar 2500 Assembly™

Brewstar 2500 Assembly™

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Heat, aeration and agitation are all necessary for efficient multiplication. The Brewstar 2500 Assembly™ delivers all three in a versatile, inexpensive, portable unit (pump sold separately).

The Brewstar 2500 Assembly™ Microbe Booster provides an exciting new tool for the microbe grower. The unit is versatile and multi-faceted.

Agitation is supplied via a centrifugal pump (sold separately) capable of pumping 300 litres per minute. It is important to provide agitation to the brewing solution to prevent “dead-spots” from occurring in the tank. Heating is supplied from elements that are housed within the recommended pump and the temperature is monitored with a supplied thermometer. Aeration is supplied by four venturi ports that are located at the end of the 50 mm (2”) flex coil outlet hose.

This unit features a bypass system that allows the user to fill spray rigs from the brewing unit without having to stop the aeration of the brew mix.

In addition to microbe multiplication, the unit can also be used for solubilising granular fertilisers such as urea or humates for DIY recipes. Materials with poor solubility like potassium sulphate and boron products are rapidly dissolved in the heated, agitated environment of the Brewstar 2500 Assembly™.

The Brewstar 2500 Assembly™ includes the venturis and all necessary plumbing equipment but does not include the pump itself which is sold separately.


  • The kit can be attached to any appropriate pump (suitable supplier listed on reverse).
  • This unit can then be used for brewing volumes from min 400 litres to 2500 litres max.
  • The Brewstar 2500 Assembly™ delivers dissolved oxygen more efficiently than most other brewing apparatus on the market and far more cost-effectively.

The unit is packaged in a box.
Box dimensions: 60cm x 60cm x 60cm.
Four kits can be packed on a standard-sized pallet.
Weight: 16 kg per unit.
Product Code: MENDBK

– The Brewstar 2500 Assembly™ is a valuable tool for dissolving Soluble Humate Granules to make inexpensive DIY liquid humic acid.
– It is also ideal for dissolving potassium sulphate. The warmth can increase the normal solubility of this material.
– The Brewstar 2500 Assembly™ can also be used to dissolve urea very effectively or trace elements like boron (which are normally difficult to dissolve).
– The pump and tank should be flushed after each brewing with a solution of 1% Path-X™.
– Ideally food should be allowed to flow through the pump as suspended bags may cause anaerobic pockets.
– The bypass hose is used to supply the brew mix to the spray rig without interrupting the aeration of the brew. The brew solution should always be strained via the mesh bag provided to prevent filter/nozzle blockages.

Regular use of this equipment to dissolve or mix agricultural chemicals in concentrated forms may result in corrosion of some internal components and seals due to the high salt content, acidity or caustic nature of these types of chemicals. NTS accepts no responsibility for any equipment failures occurring from such use.

Please contact us for more information.

Note: Pump is not included.
Recommended Pump Supplier:
WaterCo –
Available through the retail outlet Swimart Pool and Spa Services – (only in Australia and New Zealand)
Recommended Pump:
PortaPac Demand Elite MK3 (15 amp) Air Switch Model
Air Switch Button (sold separately to pump):
The Air Switch Button is used to cycle through the available modes of the above Portapac pump

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