Nutri-Life Platform®

A photograph of NTS Nutri-Life Platform microbial fertiliser in a 1 kg pack on a transparent background
A photograph of NTS Nutri-Life Platform microbial fertiliser in a 10 kg container on a transparent background
Nutri-Life Platform®

Nutri-Life Platform®

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Arbuscular Mycorrhizal Fungi (AMF) (4 species) now blended with a broader range of complementary species including Trichoderma and beneficial bacteria.

New and Improved Blend to be applied by seed treatment or seedling dip.

Click here for Seed Treatment Instructions with Nutri-Life Platform®.

Growth Stage

  • Planting

Key Performance

  • Improve nutrient uptake, biobalance & root health
  • Stable carbon production
  • Improve plant resilience


  • Glomus intraradices
  • Glomus etunicatum
  • Glomus aggregatum
  • Glomus mosseae
  • Azospirillum species
  • Bacillus species
  • Pseudomonas species
  • Streptomyces cellulosae
  • Trichoderma species

Typical Analysis W/V

Potassium Humate 12.6%
SG 1.1
pH 10.5 - 11.5
Conductivity 25 - 35 mS/cm
Appearance Dark brown liquid

Application Rates

Seed Treatment

1–1.6 kg/tonne of seed. Mix with sufficient water for good coverage. Include with Seed-Start™ at recommended rates for best results. Slowly add Seed-Start™ to the Platform® solution before applying this mixture to the seed (total mixture should not exceed 12 L/tonne).

Refer to NTS Seed Treatment Instructions. The optimum rate will depend on seed size. Good seed coverage is important as the inoculant must come into contact with growing roots for effective colonisation

Seed Treatment Guide:

  • Small seeds (e.g. clover, grasses)1.6 kg/tonne of seed
  • Medium seeds (e.g. cereals) 1.3 kg/tonne of seed
  • Large seeds (e.g. cotton, soybeans) 1 kg/tonne of seed

Note: This is a guide only. Generally use the higher rate for lower sowing rates and the lower rate for higher sowing rates.

Seedling/Runner Treatment

Dip seedlings/runners/tubestock in a solution containing 400 g of Platform® per 100 L of water. Stir solution regularly throughout process.

Soil Application

200 g –1 kg/ha. Mix 200 grams in 10 L of water, stir well and add to the fertigation/spray tank. Agitate throughout application. Do not use with fine filters or nozzles. Refer to Instructions.

Horticulture: Use sufficient water to wash product into the top 2 – 4 cm of soil.

Pasture: Ideally apply product before rain (or irrigation) to achieve incorporation to 3 mm.

Liquid Inject

50 –100 g/ha.

Agitate throughout application. Do not use with fine filters or nozzles. Refer to Instructions



Acacia, Agapanthus, Alder, Almond, Apple, Apricot, Arauceria,

Artichoke, Ash, Asparagus, Avocado,

Bamboo, Banana, Barley, Bayberry, Bean, Begonia, Black

Cherry, Blackberry, Black Locust, Blue Gramma, Box Elder,

Boxwood, Brazilian Rubber, Bulbs (all), Burning Bush

Cacao, Cactus, Camellia, Carrisa, Carrot, Cassara, Ceanothus,

Cedar, Celery, Cherry, Chinese Tallow, Chrysanthemum,

Citrus (all), Clover, Coconut, Coffee, Coral Tree, Corn, Cotton,

Cottonwood, Cowpea, Crab Tree, Creosote Bush, Cucumber,

Currant, Cypress,


Eggplant, Eucalyptus,

Fern, Fescue, Fig, Forsythia, Fountain Grass, Fuschia,

Gardenia, Garlic, Geranium, Grape (raisin), Grape (table),

Grape (wine), Green Ash, Guayule,

Hibiscus, Holly,


Jojoba, Juniper,


Leek, Lettuce, Ligustrum,

Magnolia, Mahonia, Maiden Grass, Mango, Maples (all),

Marigold, Mesquile, Millet, Mimosa, Mondo Grass, Morning

Glory, Mountain Laurel,


Okra, Olive, Olive Palm, Onion,

Pacific Yew, Palms (all), Pampas Grass, Passionfruit, Papaya, Paw

Paw, Peach, Peanut, Pecan, Pepper, Pistachio, Pittosporum, Plum,

Podocarpus, Poinsettia, Potato,

Rephiolepis, Raspberry, Redwood, Rice, Rockmelon, Rose,


Sagebrush, Salt Bush, Sequoia, Snapdragon, Sourwood,

Soybean, Spengeri Fern, Squash, Strawberry, Sudan Grass,

Sugar Cane, Sumac, Sunflower, Sweet Gum, Sweet Potato,


Taxus, Tea, Tobacco, Tomato,

Wheat, Watermelon.


Arctostaphylos, Azalea,

Beet, Birch, Blueberries, Brassicas,

Canola, Carnation,



Hazelnut, Heath, Hemlock,



Oak, Orchid,

Pine, Poplar, Protea,

Rhododendron, Rush,

Sedge, Spruce,


Platform® forms a suspension when mixed with water (i.e. it does not dissolve). Constant agitation is required during application to prevent settling of solids. If using for seed treatment or fertigation, use equipment that can accommodate larger particle sizes (up to 300 microns). Do not use with fine filters or nozzles (may not be suitable for certain drip irrigation and mobile liquid inject systems). Microbial inoculants should be applied as close to the target area as possible: i.e., seeds, roots, leaves or soil. Do not apply in direct sunlight or in very dry conditions. Soil applications should be applied just prior to a rain event or irrigation (or during light rain events) to ensure successful inoculation. Ensure compliance with your quality assurance code of practice regarding the use of microbial products before use.

Read safety directions before use. Immuno-compromised persons (e.g. those undergoing chemotherapy) should not handle or be exposed to microbial products. While handling and applying microbial products protective clothing, gloves and face masks should be worn. Contains live organisms. Avoid aerosols generated by aeration. Store in cool, dry place away from sunlight and below 30°C (preferably under refrigeration).Use as soon as possible after opening but if this cannot be achieved then refrigerate remainder immediately after use and use within 3 months. Contamination of contents may occur at any time after opening and NTS takes no responsibility for opened product not used immediately. DO NOT FREEZE.

This product is sold by weight, not volume. Contents may settle. Contains live organisms. Do not mix with fungicides/ bactericides, toxic chemicals or soil fumigants. Sanitise tank before application. All microbial products should be added to the tank last after any other inputs have been diluted. While handling and applying microbial products protective clothing, gloves and face masks should be worn. Wash hands after use. Note: Refer to following page for crop compatibility with Platform®.

Online orders are only available within Australia. For international orders, please contact us.

Click here for detailed shipping information.

Any recommendations provided by Nutri-Tech Solutions Pty Ltd (NTS)
or its Distributors are advice only. As no control can be exercised over storage, handling, mixing, application or use, or weather, plant or soil conditions before, during or after application (all of which may affect the performance of our program), no responsibility for, or liability for any failure in performance, losses, damages, or injuries (consequential or otherwise), arising from such storage, mixing, application, or use will be accepted under any circumstances whatsoever. NTS recommend you contact an Agronomist prior to product application. The Buyer assumes all responsibility for the use of any NTS products.

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