Yield Building Tips for Humates

Yield Building Tips for Humates

  •  Supply a carbon source with all nitrogen sources to avoid humus depletion. Humates are the best option here, as they have the highest organic carbon levels of any material.

  • Combine fulvic acid with all foliar fertilisers, as it will magnify their effect.

  •  Include NTS Soluble Humate Granules™ with all granulated phosphate fertilisers. The humic acid will complex the phosphate to form a stable phosphate humate. This may be the first time you’ll experience full-season phosphate availability.

  •  Urea and humic acid are perfect partners. Trial a urea-treated area with and without the humic acid additive – you may soon become a convert.

  • Most conventional farm soils are seriously lacking fungi, which play an important role in fertility and disease prevention. Regular applications of humic acid (NTS Liquid Humus™) will feed your existing fungi and help to overcome the fungi/ bacteria imbalance.