DIY Liquid Humic Acid & DIY Liquid Fulvic Acid Recipe

DIY Liquid Humic Acid

To produce a 6% potassium humate liquid, add 1 kg of NTS Soluble Humate
Granules™ to a bucket containing a small quantity of water and make up to 10
L with water. Agitate vigorously. 10 – 15% of the humates are insoluble; let sit
overnight and then siphon the soluble fraction from the top (avoiding insoluble
sediment resting on the bottom). The insoluble sludge remaining is a valuable
addition to composts


Application Rates for DIY Liquid Humus liquid

Foliar : 2 - 10 L per ha

Fertigation: 30 L per ha

Note: This 6% potassium humate recipe produces a concentrate
with half the concentration of NTS Liquid Humus™ (12%)

DIY Liquid Fulvic Acid Recipe

Dissolve product by adding a small amount of water to make a slurry, ensuring all
lumps are dissolved before adding sufficient water to make a flowable solution.
Mix well and let sit for around 1 hour before use. For larger quantities, NTS
Fulvic Acid Powder™ can be added very slowly to a fertiliser pre-mixer vat while
agitating vigorously. If your vat does not have vigorous agitation, pre-mix, in
batches, prior to addition. For sensitive spray equipment, the final liquid may
need to be pre-filtered (with an appropriate mesh size) to prevent equipment

The solution must be used promptly. Do not store.

Note: 1 L of NTS Fast Fulvic™ contains the equivalent
fulvic acid to 120 grams of NTS Fulvic Acid Powder™.