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Dear Nutrition Matters readers,

I’d like to share some good news for the houseplant lovers amongst you. I have recently contributed to the formulation of a unique, seasonal nutrition program for indoor plants.

At the end of last year, my son Adam launched a new company with his friend Anna McGregor. They had developed an innovative concept for fertilising indoor plants, involving four individual formulations – one for each season of the year. I worked closely with them on creating this quartet, to ensure ideal delivery of specific nutrients relative to different requirements during Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter.

Potting mix formulations typically contain minimum nutrition and that obviously depletes, as your houseplant grows. We were intent upon providing precision nutrition involving natural inputs, that cater to the plant's changing needs throughout the year. The result is a sophisticated, state-of-the-art plant food system that has not previously been available to plant lovers.

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